External Glass Balconies

Colour Glass Splashbacks can modernise your kitchen and bring it forward to the 21st century. Not only are splashbacks stylish, being easy to clean they’re hygienic! These stunning installments can be made to measure, printed. Coloured or mirrored!

Splashbacks are one of the most popular products across the UK with the use of toughened glass for contemporary splashbacks becoming one of the most important features across all kitchen designs from classic country to more contemporary kitchens designs



Internal Glass Balconies

Our glass balustrade and balcony systems are compatible with a wide range of glass sizes from 10mm to 21.5mm. There are different building regulations for balustrades and balconies depending on where they are situated. If your balcony is accessible and on a second floor or above, you will need thicker glass to keep inline with current building regulations. 

At Colourglass we endeavor to keep you and your family safe, if you are unsure as to regulations and glass sizes, one of our skilled team will be happy to advise at the point of quotation. We manufacture, supply and fit a wide range of glass products across the north west of Britain and nationally. 

Get the look you want

We can fit your new Balustrade with a variety of different systems. You can have something more traditional like a post system, or, something more modern and seamless like an infinity system! 

Glass Balconies

Infinity System

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