Triple Glazing – is it worth it?

triple glaze wirral

In short the answer is yes – triple glazing is worth it – The real question should be ‘do I need it’? Here at Colourglass Glazing we manufacture both double and triple glazed windows on the Wirral (North West UK), you may find you will need triple glazing if;

  • You live in an industrial area
  • You live next to a motorway or train track
  • If you live in colder climates
  • If you want to be more eco friendly
  • To add another layer of security to your property

These are just a few of the examples when triple glazed windows come into their own, they are great at reducing noise pollution and at keeping your humble abode toasty in the winter.

When did windows first appear?

Until within the last century windows were traditionaly single glazed and have been since the Roman period. Whilst effective compared to no windows or just holes in the wall, single glazing allowed rooms to retain the heat and allow light in to the average home. Considering the theory of double and triple glazing is relatively simple, it was not put into practice until the late 1980’s in the modern home! Thats quite a gap, nearly 2,000 years of single glazed windows – luckily the gap between the advent of double glazing and triple glazing would not be so long.

Why are triple glazed windows so effective?

Just like the effectiveness double glazing has on acoustic pollution and retaining heat, triple glazing literally doubles up on these effects. When adding another layer of glass to a window you create a space between the panes which acts as a thermal/heat and acoustic/noise sheild, reducing drafts, heat loss and noise. When you then add a third layer (triple glazing) to this, you increase these effects again, allowing less heat to escape and less noise coming in. So whilst there is an intial investment in having your windows upgraded to triple glazing, there are savings to be made in the long term on your energy bills, and a peacful nights sleep.

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